SC-5001-16E1 Trunk Gateway with 16 ISND PRI/ E1, support SIP protocol

SC-5001-16E1 Trunk Gateway with 16 ISND PRI/ E1, support SIP protocol

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SC-5001-16E1 Trunk Gateway with 16 ISND PRI/ E1, support SIP protocol

SC-5001-16E1 supports a range of signaling protocols, realizing the interconnection between SIP and traditional signals like SS7 and PRI. It supports multiple codec methods, offers signal encryption technology and

smart voice recognition technology, and improves the utilizing efficiency of trucking resources while ensuring voice quality. The trunk gateway is ideally fit for various access networks of SMEs, call centers, telecom operators and large-scale enterprises.


Key Features:

Multi-port and high-integrated structure;

Support 12E1, 16E1, 20 E1/T1 with 1U size Provide various services, such as VoIP, FoIP, Modem and POS

Support flexible dialing rules and operations, allowing users to customize dialing rules according to different working environments

Support multiple coding standards:G.711A/U, G.723.1, G.729A/B and iLBC

High compatibility, interoperable with PBX of Avaya, NEC and Alcatel, and also leading soft-switch of Huawei, Cisco and ZTE etc.


VoIP Protocol:

  • NAT: Dynamic NAT, Rport
  • SIP v2.0 (UDP/TCP), RFC3261
  • SDP, RTP(RFC2833), RFC3262,
  • 3263,3264,3265,3515,2976,3311
  • RTP/RTCP, RFC2198, 1889
  • SIP-T, RFC3372, RFC3204, RFC3398
  • SIP Trunk Work Mode: Peer/Access
  • SIP/IMS Registration: with up to 256      
  • SIP Accounts



  • 23B+D(T1),30B+D(E1), NTor TE
  • ITU-T Q.921, ITU-T Q.931, Q.Sig

Signal 7/SS7


E1Frame Type: DF, CRC-4, CRC_ITU

T1Frame Type:

  • 4-Frame Multi-frame (F4, FT),2-Frame     
  • Multi-frame (F12, D3/4), Extended  
  • Super-frame (F24, ESF), Remote 

Switch Mode (F72, SLC96)

Line Codes:

  • E1: NRZ, CMI, AMI, HDB3
  • T1: NRZ, CMI, AMI, B8ZS


Local/Remote Clock Source

Physical Interfaces:

  • E1/T1 Ports: 4/8/12/16/20 E1/T1
  • DTU Module: 4 E1/T1
  • Interface Type
  • RJ48(Impedance 120Ω)
  • Ethernet Interface
  • GE1: 10/100/1000 BaseT Adaptive Ethernet
  • GE0: 10/100/1000 BaseT Adaptive Ethernet
  • Serial Port
  • 1* RS232, 115200bps
  • Voice Capabilities:
  • Codecs: G.711a/μ law,G.723.1, G.729A/B, iLBC, AMR
  • Silence Suppression
  • Comfort Noise
  • Voice Activity Detection
  • Echo Cancellation (G.168), with up to 128ms
  • Adaptive Dynamic Buffer
  • Voice, Fax Gain Control
  • FAX: T.38and Pass-through
  • Support Modem/POS
  • DTMF Mode: RFC2833/Signal/Inband
  • Clear Channel/Clear Mode

Call Features:

  • Intelligent Routing Rules
  • Call Routing base on Time
  • Call Routing base on Caller/Called Prefixes
  • Flexible Route Methods
  • 256 Route Rules for each Direction
  • Caller and Called Number Manipulation

Software Features:

  • Voice Codecs Group
  • Local/Transparent Ring Back Tone
  • Overlapping Dialing
  • Dialing Rules,with up to 2000
  • PSTN group by E1 por tor E1 Timeslot
  • IP Trunk Group Configuration
  • Caller and Called Number White Lists
  • Caller and Called Number Black Lists
  • Access Rule Lists
  • IP Trunk Priority
  • RTP and Signaling Encryption(VOS RC4)


  • Firmware Upgrade via TFTP/FTP/Web
  • Network Capture
  • SNMP v2
  • Syslog: Debug, Info, Error, Warning, Notice
  • Call History Records via Syslog
  • NTP Synchronization
  • Centralized Management System
  • Web GUI Configuration
  • Data Backup/Restore
  • PSTN Call Statistics
  • SIP Trunk Call Statistics


  • Redundant Power
  • Power Supply: 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Power Consumption:45W
  • Operating Temperature:0 ℃~ 45 ℃
  • Storage Temperature: -20 ℃~80 ℃
  • Humidity:10%-90% Non-Condensing
  • Dimensions(W/D/H): 436*300*44.5mm(1U)
  • Unit Weight: 3.8kg

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