IP PBX with 200-500 extensions, 80-100 simultaneous call

IP PBX with 200-500 extensions, 80-100 simultaneous call

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SC-50100 is a high-end, heavy-duty and cost-effective enterprise-grade IP PBX system for medium to large enterprises. It is a fully featured IP PBX system with high system capacity, allowing to fulfill a business’s existing telecommunication needs while also providing future growth options and all of this without additional license fees.

SC-50100 is ideal for those enterprises which have a demanding telephony environment, as it supports 200 up to 500 extensions, 80-100 simultaneous calls, 80-100 simultaneous conference attendees, up to 7500 hours call recording. All features are available to use with no additional license fees.


1. Call Queue 8. IVR (Multi-layer) 15. DISA 22.Time Conditions
2. Ring Group 9. Caller ID 16. Smart DID     23. Paging & Intercom
3. Call Forward    10. Call Spy 17. Blacklist 24. One Number Statio
4. Call Transfer 11. Video Call 18. Voicemail     25. Music On Ringback
5. Call Pickup 12. 3-way Calling 19. Wakeup Call 26. Distinctive Ringtone
6. Call Parking     13. Conference Call 20. PIN Code 27. Auto Call Recording
7. Call Waiting 14. Follow Me 21. Do Not Distur 28. One Touch Recordin



1.   Quick Installation Guide                                                     

2.   Softphone APP Auto Provisioning (Scan QR Code)             

3.   IP Phone Auto Provisioning (PNP, Quick Register Code)     

4.   LDAP Phonebook Auto Configure (H81, H83)                       

5.   EX16S Expansion Box Auto Provisioning                             

6.  Voicemail to Email

7.  Fax to Email

8.  Virtual Fax

9.  Click to Dial (WebRTC)

10.  Call Pop-up (WebRTC)

System Capacity 200-500 Extensions
80-100 Simultaneous Calls
80-100 Conference Attendees
7500hours Recording/Voicemail (Internal Storage)
Protocols & Codecs SIP(RFC3261), IAX2
Transport Protocols: UDP, TCP, TLS, SRTP
Video Codecs: VP8, H.264, H.263+, H.263, H.261
Audio Codecs: Opus, G.722, G.711(a-law, u-law), G.729, G.726, GSM, SPEEX
Multi-level User Administration Admin user: All Privileges.
Operator user: Manage extensions, general features, faxes, CDR, call recordings, etc.
Extension user: WebRTC, extension recording, extension voicemail, extension call logs, etc.
Security Firewall based on iptables
Geo-IP (Security policy based on IP address geographical location)
Intrusion auto detection and prevention 
Network Features Network Mode (WAN): Static IP, DHCP
VPN: PPTP (Server and Client), OpenVPN (Server and Client)
Static Routing
DHCP (Server and Client)
DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server)


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