3G VoIP Terminal/ 3G VoIP Gateway 8 SIM for 3G - VoIP connection, Call Center device

3G VoIP Terminal/ 3G VoIP Gateway 8 SIM for 3G - VoIP connection, Call Center device

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SunComm SC-0895-3G 3G WCDMA VoIP Terminal /3G VoIP Gateway 4 SIM/8 SIM (covering 3G 2G)

3G VoIP Terminal/ 3G VoIP Gateway SC-0895-3G with 4, 8SIM support 3G: 850/2100 or 900/2100MHz; GSM: Quad band frequency is a multi-functional device for effective conversion between 3G and VoIP network. It’s with compact case, desktop type for easy-to-use. Which is a cost-effective gateway for call termination (VoIP to 3G) and origination (3G to VoIP) & Call center solution in good compatibility with leading Soft switch, IP PBX and SIP server: Asterisk, 3CX, Avaya, Broadsoft, Elastix.

Application areas:
Remote country, mountains, dwelling house with weak signals, public telephone shops, offices, removable places such as ships, trains, and Long distance buses etc...

Key Feature:

•   SNTP
•   PIN modified
•   Ping / Tracer on web
•   SMS / SMSC / USSD, support API
•   Up to 8 current calls
•   Manual /automatic selection operators,
•   BCCH (Lock frequency)
•   Syslog way output tracking information / CDR


•   G.711A/U law, G.723.1, G.729A/B
•   Silence Suppression & Detection
•   Comfort Noise Generation (CNG)
•   Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
•   Echo Cancellation (G.168)
•   Adaptive (Dynamic) Jitter Buffer
•   Call Progress Tone Generation
•   Programmable Gain Control


•   By port registration
•   By device registration (share account)
•   Support IP trunk and IP trunk group
•   Two 183 mode
•   Response code switch
•   All ports busy, redirected to other device

Mobile specification:

•   3G WCDMA: 850/2100MHz or 900/2100MHz; GSM Quad band
•   DTMF mode: Signal/RFC2833
•   USSD
•   Call duration limitation
•   One/two stage dial-up, Hotline
•   Polarity Reversal
•   Custom IVR
•   PIN modified
•   Carrier select
•   CLIR
•   BCCH

Other Series models:

SC-1695iC with CDMA 16 SIM CDMA 800MHz for CDMA – SIP connection
SC-1695iG with GSM 16 SIM Quad band for GSM – SIP connection
SC-3295iG with GSM 32 SIM Qua band for GSM – SIP connection
SC-1695-3G with 3G 16 SIM
SC-3295-3G with 3G 32 SIM


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