4G VoIP Terminal with WiFi, 1SIM, 1 FXS, 1 FXO

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SC-111-WA4G Wifi ATA with 4G LTE 1SIM, 1 FXS, FXO & WIFI AP | TDD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41; | FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B8

SC-111-WA4G Wifi ATA with 4G LTE is a multi-functional terminal, integrating voice (PSTN, VoIP) and data service (LTE 4G/ WCDMA 3G). It provides 3 voice interfaces (LTE/ GSM, FXS and FXO), offering seamless connectivity to VoIP Network, PLMN and PSTN. 
Based on SIP, it can interacts with VoIP network and supports GSM/ 3G WCDMA/ 4G LTE frequency,
SC-111-WA4G supports WiFi and high-speed data-handling capacity, allowing users to enjoy high-speed internet surfing through WiFi or the LAN port.
With VPN transparent transfer function, SC-111-WA4G is ideally suitable for personal and SOHO or small office use.

Production information

Model Description
WIFI ATA with 4G
  1 LTE SIM, 1 FXO, 1 FXS, WIFI, 1WAN, 3LAN, Built in SIP Server
Wifi ATA with 4G
  1 LTE SIM, 1 FXS, WIFI, 1WAN, 3LAN, Built-in SIP Server


Key FeaturesS
►  FXS/ FXO/ GSM/ LTE interface on a single device
►  Send/receive calls from PSTN/ PLMN via FXO/GSM/LTE
►  Flexible dial plan, via time, numbers, source IP etc.
►  IVR customization 
►  High speed NAT forwarding,  support WIFI hotspot 
►  Built-in SIP server, support up to 32 SIP Extensions
►  User-friendly web interface, multiple management ways  
Physical Interfaces ►  FXS Port: 1
►  FXO Port: 1
►  SIM Slot: 1
►  Ethernet Interface:1WAN & 3 LAN 10/100 Base-T RJ45 
►  WIFI: 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n, 2T2R
Voice Capabilities

►  VoIP Protocols: SIP over
►  Codec: G.711a/μ law, G.723.1, G.729A/B, iLBC, G.726
►  Silence Suppression
►  Comfort Noise Generator (CNG) 
►  Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
►  Echo Cancellation: G.168 with up to 128ms 
►  Dynamic Jitter Buffer
►  Adjustable Gain Control
►  Automatic Gain Control  (AGC)
►  Call Progress Tones: Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone, Busy Tone
►  FAX: T.38 and Pass-through 
►  DTMF: RFC2833/ SIP Info/ In-band

FXS ►  Connector: RJ11
►  Caller ID: Bellcore Type 1&2, ETSI, BT, NTT and DTMF 
►  Answer & Disconnect Signaling: Answer, Disconnect, Busy Tone
►  Polarity Reversal
►  Hook Flash
FXO ►  Connector: RJ11
►  Caller ID: FSK, DTMF 
►  Polarity Reversal
►  Answer Delay
►  Busy Tone Detection
►  No Current Detection
Mobile ►  GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 900/1800MHz
►  WCDMA (3G):
      TD-SCDMA  B34/ B39
►  LTE (4G):
      TDD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41
      FDD-LTE B1/B3/B7/B8
►  SIM/ USIM: 1 USIM per Channel
►  SIM Card: 1.8V, 3.0V 
►  Antenna: 3.0dB, SMA Interface 
Supplementary Services ►  Call Forward (Unconditional/No Answer/Busy)
►  Call Waiting
►  Call Hold
►  Call Transfer
►  Hotline
►  Do-not-disturb
►  3 Way Conference
Software Features ►  Ring Group
►  Routing Groups
►  Caller/Called Number Manipulation
►  Routing Base on Time Period
►  Routing Base on Caller/Called Prefixes
►  Routing Base on Source Trunks
►  Dial Rules
►  Failover Routing
►  FXO Impedance Auto Match
►  IVR Customization
►  Auto Attendant Function
►  CDRs
Maintenance ►  Web GUI Configuration
►  Telnet Management
►  Configuration Restore/Backup
►  Multiple Languages Supported
►  HTTP/TFTP/FTP Firmware Upgrade
►  Auto Provision
►  CDR Report and Export
►  Syslog 
►  Ping and Tracert 
►  Traffic Statistics: TCP,UDP,RTP 
►  Network Capture
►  NTP
Environmental ►  Power Supply: 12VDC, 1A
►  Power Consumption: 10W
►  Operating Temperature.  0 ℃  ~ 45 ℃ 
      Storage Temperature: -20 ℃ ~80 ℃ 
►  Humidity: 10%-90% Non-Condensing
►  Dimensions (W/D/H): 126×75×25mm 
►  Unit Weight: 0.7kg

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