FXS Gateway - 4G to Analog Fixed Wireless Terminal | SunComm

4G Fixed Wireless Terminal

We are an Fixed Wireless Terminal(FWT)/ Fixed cellular Terminal(FCT)/ Analog Gateway with 4G 3G 2G manufacturer. FXS gateway can produce a FXS line to allow an analog phone to be connected and used just like a local landline.

4G Fixed Wireless Terminal is designed for 4G - Analog connection; RJ-11 FXS line to connect Ordinary telephone set for voice call; to connect PBX for call extensions; to connect billing systems for public phone use; to connect VoIP FXO gateway to realize VoIP call termination; to connect alarm system for security purpose; 4G+VoIP Gateway

Support 4G LTE voice interface multiple ports, FXS gateway is the most advanced analog/digital IP to 4G fixed wireless terminal.
SunComm analog VoIP gateway has many years of experience and expertise accumulated from existing customers and in the communications market.