3G Fixed Wireless Phone

We are a VoIP phone manufacturer. Our GSM desk phone with small and compact design. It is the best cost-effective product with color LCD.

3G Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP); It is also called as 3G Wireless Desktop Phone, 3G GSM Fixed Cellular Phone (FCP). 3G Wireless Desk Telephone with 3G sim card, Internal antenna or TNC Antenna, WIFI (optional)

Wired phones are almost completely replaced by GSM desk phones, which work on an error-free principle.
By using it instead of mobile phones, people will not be disturbed by other troubles by choosing GSM desk phones.

As a VoIP phone manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products.
To meet a wide range of our business customers, GSM desk phone is designed to provide advanced IP phone functions
This GSM desktop phone can best provide feature-rich voice phone services on a common Internet infrastructure.