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3G WCDMA Handset Phone with 1 SIM, Mono LCD

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SunComm SC-9008-3G 3G WCDMA Handset Phone with 1 SIM, Mono LCD

SC-9008-3G 3G Handset Phone/ 3G Cordless Phone


Network: WCDMA
Frequency: 850/1800/1900/2100MHz

Language: Portuguese, Spanish and english
Display: 1.7inch color display
LCD Display CLI, real date, time, week month and year
240 incoming call, outgoing call and missed call memory.
200 SMS Memory
500 phonebook
Duration display during call, hands free volume adjustable
Alarm, clock, calculator, calendar, LCD Backlight, mute, ring volume adjustable
Key tone volume adjustable
Redial, speed dial, call waiting , call forwarding and 3 ways conference call
Voice message, voice call
Support busy tone, ringer tone, CLI alert and keypad tone
FM Selection
Supporting lock cell, lock operator, lock PIN and USIM card lock keypad Support download tool, configuration tool.


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