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About SunComm Technology

Since its establishment in 2001, SunComm Technology Co., Ltd has been
providing customers with an extensive range of communication networking
and wireless products. We specialize in 4G LTE/3G WCDMA/ 2G GSM Fixed
Wireless Phones and Fixed Wireless Terminals, E1/ T1 PRI Trunk Gateway, 
VoIP Gateways, VoIP Phones, IP PBXs, and 4G/5G CPE WiFi ATA.


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SunComm Technology Co., Ltd

At SunComm Technology, VoIP phone provider, we offer our valued customers the highest standard of service and competitively-priced communication and wireless networking products such as 4G/5G CPE WiFi Routers, 4G LTE WiFi ATAs, 4G LTE Fixed Wireless Phones with touch panels or video features, 4G LTE Fixed Wireless Terminals, and 4G LTE VoIP Gateways/VoIP Terminals, designed for Enterprise Call Centers/Service Centers with up to 32 SIMs.